Chapter 1

Building a Foundation


On Cape Cod in 1987, a small community was forming, now known as the Community of Jesus. Members of the community had formed a small choir for their church. Elizabeth Patterson, who would become the choir’s director, had moved to the community from Connecticut where she taught as a music professor at University. She offered her vast musical skills to this growing community choir.
Dr. George Guest, organist and Choirmaster of St. John’s College, Cambridge, shared the richness of the British choral tradition with the choir, and gave the choir his collection of Anglican Psalmody. Elizabeth Patterson’s decision to launch the choir’s professional touring and recording career was largely influenced by Dr. Guest’s passion for the vision and mission of the choir.

“They bring musicianship, enthusiasm, and total commitment to all they undertake. They represent American culture at its very best.”
— Dr. George Guest, St. John’s College, Cambridge, England