Praise for Stabat Mater, our latest album of works by Arvo Pärt

FIVE STARS “Seventy minutes of exquisite spiritual power.” — Fanfare

“Radiates conviction and urgency, a sense of belief in every phrase.” — San Francisco Classical Voice

“Great technical mastery” — (Italy)

“A true meeting of East and West”— (Russia)

“Impressive” — KathPress (Austria)

FIVE STAR “Intonation is spot on, emotional fervency at a high level” — Audiophile Audition

“Extraordinary, profoundly moving music…superbly performed.” — Fanfare

“Expresses dynamics and momentum…fascinating contrasts, even spiritual elation” — ClassiqueNews (France)

Five Star Performance, Five Star Stereo Sonics “Weaves a musical tapestry out of the inextricable strands of worldly and spiritual life.” —

“A technical preparation that leaves nothing to be desired.” — Pizzicato (Luxembourg)

“Top five (Classical BILLBOARD) in one of the largest classical music markets of the world.” — Estonian World (Estonia)

“Very convincing…masterly…profound.” — (UK)

“Utterly captivating…” — Fanfare

“A fresh, satisfying Pärt Collection.” —

“Deeply felt performances… allowing the unadorned simplicity, the stark beauty and unpretentiousness of Pärt’s music to flower.” — Classics Today

“…Unforgettable are the moments when the choir is heard a cappella, or when the upper voices demonstrate an almost supernatural sense of control (Stabat Mater).” — GB

“This grave and beautiful new SACD from Massachusetts-based Gloriæ Dei Cantores blows an unexpectedly warm breeze on the Estonian composer’s music.” — Fanfare

“This is very serious music…To move beyond sentimental meditation into being present is a great gift, and Arvo Pärt gets us there in his work…I cannot imagine a better interpretation of this music, both technically and spiritually, than what is presented here. A true meeting of East and West, neither side excluding the other, but standing united in the Truth of Christ…The recording is superb.” — (Russia)

“…the closing minutes of the Stabat Mater are heartbreaking on this new recording.” — Fanfare

“Gloriae Dei Cantores, under the direction of Richard K. Pugsley, interprets these works, with great technical mastery (homogeneity, attention to dynamics, phrasing), but above all with great devotion creating pure atmospheres of enchantment, which truly touch the heart and soul of the listener, transporting it to a high and profound spiritual dimension.” — GB (Italy)

“There are many discs featuring Pärt’s choral writing…. This is one of the finest. …Their intonation is impeccable, their blending of voices is complete, and their ability to produce ethereal pianissimi while maintaining tonal body is very special.” — Henry Fogel, Fanfare

“The members of vocal ensemble Gloriæ Dei Cantores perform music not as a profession in the secular sense of the word, but as a religious vocation…The ensemble’s concerts and recordings are distinguished by a devotional character that arises from their ongoing practice of choral services in the Church of the Transfiguration in Orleans, Massachusetts.” — HR

“Heartfelt and uplifting. The simplicity and directness of the setting makes it almost liturgical…helping turn this release as a whole into an experience that is both calming and highly meaningful.” — TransCentury Communications

“Performed with great polish—but also with a purity that feels uniquely unaffected.” — Fanfare

“Magnificat is praise by Mary, and Pärt invests it with an otherworldliness that requires a perfectly balanced chorus with clear enunciation in even the quietest passages – providing a fine example of just how good Gloriæ Dei Cantores is.” — TransCentury Communications

“…the sacred music composition represents an impressive example of the encounter between the orthodox view and classic Western training. East and West are united in Pärt’s new work, according to the unanimous view of the experts.” — Kath Press (Austria)

“Gloriæ Dei Cantores performances equal or better the many Pärt recitals found on ECM records and elsewhere. The super audio hybrid programming pays off with an efficiently realized presence…These performances are significant additions to the Pärt discography.” — All About Jazz

“Gloriae Dei Cantores has rarely sounded better than here. Intonation is spot on, emotional fervency at a high level, and the Super Audio recording captures them in all their magnificent fullness. There are few choral groups that not only perform, but believe in the texts they are singing, and this commitment to the spirit and the word enhances the communicative ability…a fantastic recording.” — Audiophile Audition

“A wide range of emotional expression” — HR

“The Naxos disc…showcases virtuosic solo singing and ensemble cohesion.” — San Francisco Classical Voice

“The performance (Stabat Mater) is very convincing, right from the very sorrowful opening…the singers deliver their exposed lines with admirable control – I noted as an example the sopranos’ excellent negotiation of the stratospheric line at ‘Fac me plagis vulnerari’. The end is masterly, not least for its extreme simplicity…Gloriæ Dei Cantores is very successful and if you already have a recording of the original version of the score then this fuller version is well worth your attention also for the different light it shines on this moving score. This is an admirable set of performances of choral music by Arvo Pärt. The singing by Gloriæ Dei Cantores is both accomplished and committed.” — MusicWebInternational

“The Stabat Mater is the masterpiece of the program…the choir, the instrumentalists know how to make the powerful prayer spring from it…Familiar with Pärt’s choral writing, including singing and presenting it on tour…the singers of the Gloriae Dei Cantores ensemble honestly display the fervor that carries the whole choral structure. The Stabat Mater touches and captivates with its direct expressiveness, and the grace with which it is accomplished.” —ClassiqueNews (France)