Critical Acclaim


“Sacred illumination is their mission; they achieve it with sincerity and power.”
American Record Guide

“Seamless ensemble, seductive phrasing and surprising dynamic range… producing a sound of great physical beauty.”
Los Angeles Times

“A quality that lies beyond words”
Boston Globe

“Hundreds of alert music lovers caught a too-brief glimpse of that rara avis, the world-class concert choir.”
Washington Post

“Beautifully finished but richly emotional”
Boston Globe

“They sing with absolutely fluency and authority.”

“…the 36-voice group sang with firm tone, a wide dynamic range, lovely legato lines and generous expressivity.”
Dallas Morning News

“Their musicianship and talent enables them to reach perfection.”
St. Augustine Record

“Fine discipline, polished and powerful tone, precise diction and a good sense of the emotional dimensions in the music.”
Washington Post

“Performances are impeccable and deeply moving. This group delivers gorgeous, balances sound and has completely mastered any technical skill you can name. Their ensemble and dynamic subtlety are second to none.”
American Record Guide

“The singing achieved a poignancy that held the audiences in thrall for some while after the actual notes had died away.”
Cumberland News, Carlisle, England

“I have never heard a choir of 44 voices so expert from the vocal point of view and so expressive from the musical point of view.”
Il Gazzettino, Venice, Italy

“The very sounds born are endowed with luminous incorporeality and ephemeral warmth.”
Myzikalnaya Zhizn: Musical Life, Moscow, Russia

“A musical mission superbly carried out under Elizabeth Patterson … rich interpretations.”
Le Meridional, Marseilles, France

“Displays a devotion and commitment to singing . . . the immaculate intonation and pure tone of Gloriæ Dei Cantores is bound to win admirers.”
Classical Music, International

“These singers produced awesomely lovely sound; performances which produced rapt response from the large audience (graced by a distinguished selection of ecclesiastical dignitaries).”
Musical Opinion, International

“One of North America’s…finest choirs”

“Beautiful, affecting music”
Chicago Tribune

“Exultation in every note”

“One of America’s most accomplished choirs”
Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Truly golden sound and beautifully nuanced singing.”
American Record Guide

“Technically brilliant and musically assured.”
Classics Today

“…they sang with radiant tone and pristine blend.”
Boston Classical Review

“Gloriæ Dei Cantores filled the nave with beautiful songs . . . truly lovely.”
Denver Post

“Expert renditions of Gregorian chant.”
New York Times

“The choir has an enviable clarity to their singing, a truly reverential sense, and a great beauty of sound.”
Music Web International

“Gloriæ Dei Cantores sang beautifully. Given Elizabeth C. Patterson’s subtle conducting, they sounded lovely through a wide dynamic range, were always well balanced and sang with evident conviction.”
Washington Post

“Touches audiences . . . with a combination of impeccable vigor, devotional solemnity, and wholeheartedness.”
The Christian Science Monitor, International Editor

“Balance and unanimity of phrasing, sense of style and musical understanding . . . . A powerful but well controlled performance.”
The Independent, London, England

“An evening illuminating and inspirational, opening vistas hardly guessed at here.”
Evening Standard, London, England

“One was fascinated by the supple homogeneity of the shaping, the transparent grace of the vocal material and the synthesis achieved between the clarity of diction and its expressive impact.”
Journal De Geneve, Geneva, Switzerland

“The choir sang from the heart and with great conviction . . . the hearers were touched by the powerful sound and great discipline.”
Stadsdkrant, Edam, Holland

“How could they have resisted the ‘Gloriæ Dei Cantores’ choir? Under the velvet baton of Elizabeth C. Patterson, these “Singers to the Glory of God” gave back their ecumenism to Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff, using the universal language of music. With faith and joy mingled, the choir members never ceased to enrapture the audience, communicating their passion.”
Le Provencal, Marseilles, France